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Book Talk Tuesday - Evil Librarian


At first, Cynthia Rothschild thinks that her best friend Annie’s crush on their new school librarian is harmless. After all, Mr. Gabriel is pretty young and kind of cute. But soon, Cyn realizes that something is seriously not right with Annie. She’s started acting strangely - skipping class, ignoring Cyn, not caring about anything except for spending all of her time in the library with Mr. Gabriel. In fact, a few weeks after Mr. Gabriel arrives, the entire student body is acting distinctly abnormal, with half of the students shuffling around like zombies. And something about Mr. Gabriel gives Cyn the creeps. Is it possible that Mr. Gabriel is up to something evil in the library? Cyn’s not about to let her best friend go without a fight, but does she have it in her to win over her crush, stage the most kick-ass school musical in high school history, AND save Annie from the clutches of a demon librarian? 

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We just enjoyed these exact flavors at our last teen summer reading club meeting!  The bacon mac and cheese was surprisingly edible, although opinions differed about whether it tasted more like bacon or more like mac and cheese.  The cappuccino flavor, though … the less said about that, the better.

Our high school advisory board taste-tested some of these funky potato chip flavors at our meeting this evening! Check back to learn the results!

(Source: unironicallynerdy)

Book Talk Tuesday - The Disenchantments

Colby has his summer all planned out. High school is over, and he’ll spend the next week on tour with his friend’s band, The Disenchantments. After the tour, he and his best friend Bev, aka the lead singer of The Disenchantments, aka the girl he’s been in love with forever, will head off on a yearlong European adventure. Colby can’t wait to spend a year exploring Europe with his favorite person, but on the first day of the tour Bev drops a bomb: she’s not going to Europe. She’s going to college instead, abandoning the trip they’ve been planning since eighth grade. With one sentence from Bev, Colby’s dreams and heart are shattered. But they’re stuck with each other on tour for the next week, and before the week is out Colby will need to decide what’s next for his life.

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