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Book Talk Tuesday - Oblivion

One year ago, Callie’s father disappeared, along with a young girl named Hannah from the church where he served as the pastor. That night, Callie was found in an abandoned apartment, scrawling three words on the walls over and over: I killed him. Callie can’t remember anything about that night, but ever since then she’s been plagued by graphomania - the irresistible impulse to write. She can’t stop writing strange words and phrases: Abiding like the tide. Amber ashes in her hourglass. The words don’t make sense, but Callie’s beginning to think that they might contain clues that will finally help her figure out what happened that night, and lead her to Hannah and her father before it’s too late.

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Book Talk Tuesday - The Merciless

After attending seven different schools in the last five years, Sofia is tired of being a friendless outcast. So when Riley, the most popular girl at her new school, invites Sofia to join her clique, Sofia is thrilled. Sure, Riley, Grace, and Alexis are more religious than the people Sofia usually hangs out with, but they quickly become the closest friends she’s ever had. The group’s nemesis is Brooklyn, an alternative girl at their school that Riley claims is possessed by a demon. Sofia thinks Brooklyn is kind of cool, but she doesn’t want to rock the boat with her new friends. Sofia never expected that when Riley invited her to hang out, she’d arrive to find Brooklyn tied up in the basement, with the other three girls intent on performing an exorcism on her. What Sofia first thinks is a prank quickly spirals completely out of control.

The Merciless contains strong language and graphic violence, and is recommended for mature teen readers.

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Book Talk Tuesday - Guy in Real Life

Lesh and Svetlana have nothing in common. Svetlana is nerd who embroiders her own clothes and is the dungeon master of their high school’s Dungeons & Dragons club. Lesh is a metalhead, given to wearing long black trenchcoats and looking surly in public. They go to the same high school, but are in different grades and cliques, so their paths have never crossed. But that all changes when they literally run into each other late one night on the streets of St. Paul. After that first awkward encounter, the two form a tentative friendship that begins to develop into a romance. But if they’re going to be together, they will both have to let go of the roles that they play and let the other person see them as they really are.

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