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Book Talk Tuesday - The Chance You Won’t Return

Alex’s mom has been acting weird lately. She’s speaking differently, wearing different clothes, and Alex has found her sitting up in the middle of the night poring over maps of the Atlantic. The rest of Alex’s family tries to ignore her mom’s weird behavior, but that becomes impossible when Alex’s mom declares that she is Amelia Earhart. That’s right, Amelia Earhart, the famous female aviator from the 1930’s. Deeply delusional, Alex’s mom doesn’t recognize her family, and can’t be swayed from her belief that she is Amelia Earhart. Alex is already dealing with a lot - trying to pass her driving test and figuring out what’s going on with a guy at school. But now she also has to learn how to cope with her mom’s mental illness, hopefully without everyone at school finding out and labeling her forever as the girl with the crazy mom. And Alex is slowly realizing that her mom believes that she is Amelia Earhart preparing for her final flight, the flight from which she famously never returned…

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Book Talk Tuesday - The Here and Now

Prenna James lives in a community of immigrants who follow a strict code of rules. Never call attention to yourself. Don’t question authority. And never, NEVER get close to an outsider. The consequences for breaking these rules are dire, because Prenna’s community isn’t made up of immigrants from another place - they’re from another time. The year 2090, to be exact. In the future, environmental damage and a plague spread by mosquitos have devastated the world. Prenna, along with a group of other survivors, made the dangerous journey back in time and ended up in the year 2010. Three years later, Prenna is in high school and is beginning to question the rules she lives by. Strange happenings are beginning to make her question wisdom of her community elders, and her undeniable connection to her classmate Ethan is making the rule about not getting close to outsiders very difficult to follow…

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It’s back to school week here - we know: we can’t believe it, either! - not to mention, Isla and the Happily Ever After, the last book in one of our favorite boarding school series, has just been released!! So let’s celebrate with a few YA novels (contemporary, dramatic, humorous, fantastic) that are all about school daze. Days. You know what we mean. =)

Book Talk Tuesday - Far From You


Four months ago, Sophie and her best friend Mina were attacked by a masked man with a gun. Sophie survived that night in the woods, but Mina was shot and killed. Since Sophie is a recovering Oxy addict, everyone assumes that the murder was a drug deal gone wrong. But Sophie knows the truth. She’s been clean for months, and the reason they were in the woods that night was not to score drugs, but because Mina wanted to interview a source for the big story she was working on for her journalism internship. Since she’s an addict, no one believes that Sophie is telling the truth, and everyone - the police, her parents, Mina’s brother, and their old friends - blames her for Mina’s death. If the police aren’t going to find Mina’s killer, Sophie will - no matter what it costs her.

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